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Workshop APCTT Center for InnovationCenter for applied research and business incubator development to BRIDGE with industry Read More IncubatorIntroducing our incubator facility, ready to serve the market need of technology Read More IPR ProtectionThe Indonesian largest patent subscriber. Met our IPR expert team Read More
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The business incubator is one of LIPI main program to elaborate scientific research with commercialization method Read More


Our IPR Experts doing all the IPR step, including searching, drafting, registering and also maintenancing all IPR from LIPI's department Read More


We doing activities to bridge the prospective research to be accelerate in LIPI's Incubator facility. Read More


We conducted studies to implement research based technology to applied in various areas in Indonesia. Read More

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Workshop on Accessible and Affordable Sustainable Energy

Accessible and Affordable Sustainable Energy nowadays are become one of keys that bring future of a country. Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT) in cooperation with Indonesian…
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IPR Socialization & LIPI Research Dissemination

 (North Lombok, UPT LPBIL Mataram) March 26, 2014. Center for Innovation together with UPT LPBIL LIPI Mataram held "IPR Socialization & LIPI Research Result Dissemination". This…
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MoU Signing with PT Gizi Indonesia

Indonesia's potential wealth of natural resource is something that undeniable by anyone. Nowadays, this wealth of natural inspires a beauty products based on vegetable ingredients into a fast growing…
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The Importance of Center For Innovation LIPI in Commercialize The Research

The atmosphere is slightly different look at the Innovation Center Building (Pusinov) LIPI, Cibinong, on March 7, 2014, in which the head of LIPI, Prof.Dr.Lukman Hakim and his staff visited Center…
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Electric Car Convertion System


To create clean environment and economize the decreasing fuel, The Indonesian Institute of Sciences or LIPI has successfully conversed conventional car into…
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Waste Processing Using Ozone Technology


Is a liquid waste processing device which very compact, with oxidation method, using a combination of ozone and ultraviolet. The output of this devices is clean…
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Nano Particle Machine


High energy ball-mill is often used one for one of the ways to make nanoparticle. The type of high energy ball-mill available now has still not optimally used…
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Alginate Process from Sargassum Sp.


Alginate is the extract product made from brown alga. This compound lies on alga wall which also functions as alga position stabilizer in waters. In Indonesia,…
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LIPI EXPO 2013 Bengkulu

Indo Automotive 2013 Exibition